Meet the INCREDIBLE Lasters — “It’s our chance every year to walk in their memory”

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2 min readDec 14, 2022

“Families deserve to celebrate with loved ones, not just celebrate the memories of loved ones…”

Joshua and Erica Laster have participated in the Susan G. Komen MORE THAN PINK Walk/Race For The Cure since 2004 to pay tribute to their mothers and the grandmothers their children never met. They have gathered their family and friends together to raise money each year to help fight against breast cancer, so families don’t have to lose their loved ones to this awful disease.

When Erica was just 14 years old her mother, Ruth Chazin, passed away from breast cancer. Sadly, Joshua shares a similar story, with his mother Irene Kogut-Laster passing away from breast cancer when he was 16.

It’s our chance every year to walk in their memory”

While their children, Isabella and Maryn, may have never met their grandmothers, their memory lives on with them. This past year, Isabella decided to raise money for the walk as part of her social action project for her Bat Mitzvah. With the tremendous support of family and friends the Laster’s and Friends All Stars raised more than they have ever raised, raising over $10,000! Isabella even created an offshoot of her successful online jewelry business and donated 100% of the sales to their fundraising efforts!

“We use the fundraising to tell just a part of their story, our story”

This holiday season, gather your family and friends to create your own 2023 East PA MORE THAN PINK Walk team! Each team has their own story, come share your story with us by registering for free at



Komen NJ, PA, WV and DE

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