BREAST FRIENDS: Lois and Peggy Share Their Cancer Journey

Throughout life, everyone goes through hardships and experiences situations that are unexpected. Lois Solomon understands this all too well as she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in December of 2009. Going through something of this magnitude is never easy, and it becomes extremely important to have people that care for you and stick by your side. Whether it be family, friends, or in Lois’ case, her BREAST FRIEND Peggy Forma!

Peggy is Lois’ caregiver and the bond they share gives a new meaning to the word friendship. Lois and Peggy have been friends for over 30 years and it is clear that they are each other’s biggest supporters. For almost 11 years, Lois has lived with breast cancer and through this, she has had Peggy side-by-side, hand-in-hand, and heart-to-heart through everything.

While waiting in the hospital for one of Lois’ procedures, the pair looked up the next breast cancer walk and found Susan G. Komen. They signed up immediately and named their team Lois’ Breast Friends. They are now a top fundraising team in New Jersey and have been recognized multiple times for their commitment to fighting breast cancer.

To put it simply, Lois and Peggy are just amazing.

Without knowing the dynamic duo of Lois and Peggy, one wouldn’t be able to tell what they have been through. This is because they both never let cancer get in the way of their obvious love for life and each other. In the words of Peggy, “Everyday Lois gets dressed, her hair looks fabulous, and she has her makeup on.” Not only do they inspire each other and everyone around them, but they also enjoy every moment they have together and laugh the whole way. This outlook on life and friendship is something that should be admired, especially because they look fantastic for every second of it.

Lois and Peggy set a great example of how to fight cancer the right way, together. They never forget how much they love life and how grateful they are for each other. As the days go on, they both will forever stay side-by-side, hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, looking fabulous and laughing every bit of the way.

Pictured from left to right is Kerry Shearer, Komen North Jersey Senior Development Manager; Lois Solomon; Peggy Forma; and Gina Fernicola, Komen North Jersey Director of Development.

To hear more about Lois and Peggy’s story in their own words, watch the video here, and visit Lois’ Breast Friends team page here.

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